About Us

AARIAH, is a premier destination for Indian fine wear and beyond. At AARIAH we curate authentic, unique, and rich weaves sourced straight from the weavers. We believe in sustainable and slow fashion with a big emphasis on conscious consumption. Every saree tells a story, a story that is personal and deeply rooted in South Asian culture.


Ever since we were little, we were drawn to unique patterns and designs. We designed outfits, painted on our mom’s sarees, and embroidered on every piece of fabric we could lay our hands on. Our love for handlooms, the rich heritage and culture they represent only grew stronger with time. We could finish each other’s sentences then, now we finish each other’s designs bringing you the best couture experience. 


Tech and healthcare professionals by day, our passion is to build a community of consumers who care about sustainable sourcing and appreciate artisanal craftsmanship. We take pride in creating unique outfits out of ethically sourced handmade fabrics. We want to revive the forgotten weaves, make handlooms affordable and accessible to everyone across the world.


We welcome you to indulge in one of a kind couture experience with us at AARIAH.



Anu and Harika